Describe the essential features of budgetary control.

Q. Describe the essential features of budgetary control.




An effective budgeting system should have essential features to get best results. In this direction, the following may be considered as essential features of an effective budgeting.

Business Policies defined: The top management of an organization strives to have an action plan for every activity and for each department. Every budget should reflect the business policies formulated from time to time. The policies should be precise and the same must be clearly defined. No ambiguity should enter the document. Clear knowledge should be provided to all the personnel concerned who are going to execute the policies.

Periodic suggestions should also be taken.

Forecasting: Business forecasts are the foundation of budgets. Time and again discussions should be arranged to derive the most profitable combinations of forecasts. Better results can be anticipated based on the sound forecasts. As far as possible, quantitative techniques should be made use of while forecasting

Formation of Budget Committee: A budget committee is a group of representatives of various important departments in an organization. The functions of committee should be specified clearly. The committee plays a vital role in the preparation and execution of budget estimated. It brings coordination among other departments. It aids in the finalization of policies and programs. Non-financial activities are also considered to make it a wholesome affair.

Accounting System: To make the budget a successful document, there should be proper flow of accurate and timely information. The accounting adopted by the organization should be proper and must be fine-tuned from time to time

Organizational efficiency: To make the budget preparation and its subsequent implementation a success, an efficient, adequate and best organization is necessary a budgeting system should always be supported by a sound organizational structure. There must be a clear cut demarcation of lines of authority and responsibility. There must also be a delegation of authority from top to bottom line.

Management Philosophy: Every management should set a healthy philosophy while opting for the budget. Management must wholeheartedly support the activities which developing a budget. Encouragement should flow from top management. All the members must be involved to make it a workable preposition and a dream-driven document.

Reporting system: Proper feedback system should be established. Provision should be made for corrective measures whenever comparative measures are proposed.

Availability of statistical information: Since budgets are always prepared and expressed in quantitative terms, it is essential that sufficient and accurate relevant data should be made available to each department.

Motivation: Since budget acts as a mirror, the entire organization should become smart in its approach. Every employees both executive and non-executives should be made part of the overall exercise. Employees should be persuaded than pressurized to appreciate the benefits of the budgets so that the fruits can be shared by all the members of the organization.



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