What are the factors that impact recruitment in organizations?

Q. What are the factors that impact recruitment in organizations?




Factors Affecting Recruitment

All organizations, whether large or small, do engage in recruiting activity, though not to the same intensity. Few factors that impact the nature of recruitment:

  1. The size of the organization- the smaller the organization the more the need to carefully scrutinize the candidate for a job and the fitment to the organizational culture. The risk in case of job-candidate mismatch can prove equally expensive for a smaller organization as compared to the larger one.
  2. The employment conditions in the country where the organization is located- critically impacts the recruiting strategy. The methods for recruiting, the selection tools that are most suited and the legal framework that bear on the employer are some aspects that need to be considered.
  3. The affects of past recruiting efforts which show the organization’s ability to locate and keep good performing people- constantly reviewing the effectiveness of the recruiting methods and the selection tools used, evaluating the success at-work of the new recruits are some methods used by organizations to ensure that quality hiring practices are in-place.
  4. working conditions and salary and benefit packages offered by the organization – this may influence turnover and necessitate future recruiting; (v) The rate of growth of organization- the phase in the life-cycle of the firm is a measure of the recruiting effort
  5. The level of seasonality of operations and future expansion and production programmes – ensuring that the recruitment numbers come from a well-planned Human Resource Plan is critical to ensure that there is no over-hiring or under-hiring of the required talent to achieve the organizational objectives.
  6. Cultural, economic and legal factors – these too affect the recruiting and selection methods that are used.


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